Appropriate to offer a choice of either breast conserving surgery followed by radiotherapy, or a mastectomy to patients diagnosed with early breast cancer, as these treatments are equally effective in terms of survival.

breast conserving surgery


Strong evidence from large international trials has shown that breast conserving surgery followed by radiotherapy is as effective as mastectomy for most women with early breast cancer (defined as invasive cancer that is contained in the breast, or has spread to lymph nodes in the breast or armpit, but not to other parts of the body).  This means that for most women, the overall survival rate is the same after either treatment.

Mastectomy rates vary across demographic and geographic groups in Australia with higher rates of mastectomy in non-metropolitan areas, especially outer regional and more remote locations, and in lower socio-economic areas.

Value to patients

Discussing the different surgical options for women with early breast cancer and offering a choice of either breast conserving surgery followed by radiotherapy, or mastectomy is important to support informed decision-making.

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