Cancer Australia Statements – Influencing best practice cancer care.

Cancer Australia Statements – Influencing best practice cancer care is an initiative which reflects Cancer Australia’s commitment to leadership in cancer control.

The purpose of the Cancer Australia Statements is to support improved, evidence-informed decisions for cancer care and to engage consumers in their care. The aim is to build a knowledge base to drive improvements which reduce unwarranted variations in cancer care and outcomes, maximise clinical benefit, minimise harm and deliver patient-centred care.

The Statements identify key appropriate and inappropriate clinical practices to influence and enhance best practice cancer care across the continuum and in the Australian context.

Cancer Australia established a Steering Group to provide expert advice on the approach to developing the Statements, informed by key learnings from similar healthcare improvement initiatives, both nationally and internationally.

  • An appropriate practice is one that provides patient benefit; is effective (based on valid evidence, including evidence of benefit); efficient (cost-effectiveness); equitable and consistent with the ethical principles and preferences of the individual patient;
  • An inappropriate practice is one that may cause harm or provides little benefit to patients and may be frequently misused in clinical practice. It is a practice that does not meet the requirements for an appropriate practice.